To all those that enter, please be advised…

*Hereinafter you will encounter foul language.  If your brain is too delicate for the onslaught of four letter words that come out of our sailor mouths, don’t continue to read.

*Viv and Coco are know exaggerators in real life.  Give us free reign on a public website where we pretty much have no accountability because you don’t know who we are?  There’s no telling what you’re gonna get.  If you take our word as the gospel, you’re an idiot and don’t continue to read.

*If you’re easily offended by  (but not limited to) the following topics:

♦sex, drugs, rock -n- roll

♦alcoholic beverages or nicotine products

♦poor jokes, husband jokes, fat jokes, Duggar jokes

Don’t continue to read.

If any of the above apply to you, please follow these simple instructions.

(1) Move mouse to browser.

(2) Click on the box that currently says “www.bitterwivesclub.com”

(3) Type in whatever lame ass blog that you actually like because they don’t use grown up words or ever refer to fellatio.

This site isn’t for kids.  Or weenies.  If you’re either, I think you know what to do.  For the rest of you, enjoy…

Thanks and have a FAN-F’N-TASTIC day!

♥ The Bitter Crew

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